Posted by: Orlick | July 24, 2008 Gets a Role in a Movie

Apparently word got around about my food blog. So much so that I was cast in the movie “7 to the Palace” about an Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights.

Actually no. In the past week, they’ve been filming this movie in my neighborhood. In fact, one of the shoots took place in a building about 100 ft from my building. The movie is about an Indian food chef in Jackson Heights who dreams of becoming a French chef. Nice goal.

O’Reilly from Oz is in the movie. I doubt I’d recognize him, but I remember always thinking he was cool.

Today I went up to one of the PAs and asked if they were looking for people to be in the film. I met with the person in charge and they asked me to come in tomorrow at 8am (ldfa;f;;aifaofferar!)

I will look like crap from the lack of sleep, whatever, I hope I get some face time.

7 to the Palace on IMDB



  1. NICE! Just checked out the cast and I would suggest trying to meet Naseerudin Shah if he is around then. He is a great Indian Movie (Bollywood) actor. =)

    Do you know what part you are going to play?

  2. That is freaking cool.

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