At first, this site was created as a backup to my yelp page sayyes.yelp.com.
Then it became an outlet for all questions, answers, and discussions about food, drink and other forms of consumption.

Now, we are taking on quite a different venture altogether. This site is about helping people find love in NYC. Food love.

Here are my goals:
1) I want to be published in print some form of my food writing. SATISFIED – JACKSON HEIGHTS COMMUNITY JOURNAL ARTICLE
Update* – I won’t measure my success by other people’s permissions. For example: being published, winning awards, articles written about me, etc. My success is solving problems and seeing through my dreams.

2) I want to travel across the country, learn about the nation, eat unique regional foods, and document it. ON MY BICYCLE. Writing for a men’s magazine like what Playboy once was would be great for a year.

3) More to my mother’s preference of a stable job, another outlet would be working in Quality Control for a company that I respect such as Nathans Famous. I would love to travel to stores making sure that individual stands are representing the name as they should be. When I did the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Competition promo event I met a man who held this position, I thought it was the coolest job ever.

Also, working as a Social Director is something I am interested in. These pizza tours and food groups are exactly what I like doing: helping people experience new tastes and open their minds to what is possible (especially in NYC). If I could be paid to show around hungry, eager tourists… that would be amazing.

Something with NYC tourism is very interesting to me too. Also being an advocate for food people is important to me, not restraining their ability to do business and create whatever they want. Having a hand in the community is something I’d like to do. I am passionate about creating a great environment for small businesses and the area around them. The trash project is important to me. A BID (Business Improvement District) would be perfect.

4) I hope to bring into the mainstream: Corona, Elmhurst, and The Pizza Coastline, Queens living, home-style restaurants, real food and the people who I think are great food explorers.

Your help and contributions are very important to me. Please contact me through commenting on this blog to get involved. As things develop, I will create an update here.

Jeff Orlick

About me



  1. hey jeff, my name is ron and i work for pointclickeat.com it seems you are passionate about eating out and reviewing local eaterys
    check out my site i think you will love it we are trying to spread to you area so maybe u can help us email me back with ur commentsand suggestions

  2. πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Jeff,
    Hope you are doing well. We highly enjoy your very insightful blog that captures the flavorful cuisines and vibrant spirit of the New York metroarea. Your blog also keep many of us New Yorkers and lucky visitors aware of new food trends and bustling hotspots in the city.
    Asia Society

  4. Jeff – Love the blog. Can you help us find a decent japanese / chinese restaurant in Melville NY. Now that Empire Szechuan has closed there are few choices. Don’t suggest Jani. Thx.

  5. Yo, top of the thread – Empire Szechuan was pretty gross. There is an excellent Japanese restaurant very close by – Robata in Plainview, behind Quiznos. I recommend going Thursday night or Friday afternoons when the owner is there. The other days he is at Kohaku in Huntington Station. the sushi rice is very very good. also the place next to fairway is good but a bit fancy for casual dining.

    as for chinese?… hmm, I used to like golden bowl, but they changed owners. golden express really isnt that bad. the kids are pretty fun that live there. the rest of the chinese takeouts are all pretty similar – just like the rest of america.
    I don’t get chinese around there anymore since I moved so close to elmhurst.

  6. Jeff,

    I am planning a quick getaway to the Binghamton area and was wondering what the best bar/club would be, for drinks and music. Would love a reponce.

  7. Came across your site while looking for information on Village Voice’s Choice Eats and saw that you went to Binghamton. So hi to a fellow alum; I was class of 2002. You hear about Theo’s closing?

  8. Hi Jeff, thank you for your kind words for Lisa, formerly of Wong’s Noodle Town in Plainview. I just wanted to let you know that we will be at Wong’s Noodle House at 98 Mineola Boulevard, Mineola. NY. Grand opening will probably be this coming Monday. Please stop by to say hi.

    Best regards,

  9. Does Wong’s deliver? No menu online either.

  10. we went to Brooklyn Sat the man Giovanni in Luigis pizza kept giving us free slices!!
    He was so nice to us we cold not believe it.
    He talked a blue streak and we know his life story now! The pizza was good but we have a really good place in Williamsburg Brooklyn that is wood stove and even better. We are having so much fun with this and thank you for the idea to go to different places, this is what we love to doI grew up in the Bronx andhave been o the Bronx pizza pick many times.
    We will goto Elmhurst in a few weeks as we are going to Phill next weel ( Great food there too!!) Tell you about our next trek!! Pat

  11. Hi Jeff,

    My name is Nicole and I am the creator of BronxMama.com, a resource site for Bronx parents. I stumbled across your blog and loved reading about places that I have passed by or eaten at myself. Was wondering if you’d like to contribute any info on the kid friendly places in the Bronx you might have dined at. Please contact me and let me know.

    Nicole Perrino

  12. we went to John’s Pizza yesterday. The two women Mother and daughter are so nice!! The crust was really thin which we like very much. All your picks seem to be as much for the nice owners as the pizza itself!! We always bring our grand daughter with us as this is her favorite food. We only have the Manhattan pizza place left to try. Anything we can do to help you on your bike tour just ask. We have been to all states but New Mexico and by far Missouri BBQ was our favorite. We keep saying thank you but this has been so much fun that we must say it again!!!

  13. hi jeff!
    My name is matt and I saw that you went to binghamton univ!! i did too! i think we hung out a few times, but i can’t be sure 😦

    i really like your idea of biking across the country and writing for playboy. remember that time that we rode our bikes across LI?? oh now i remember you! yes… you were two years older than me at binghamton and then we became friends and stuff, but then you graduated. SMALL WORLD!

    ANYWAY… love the site, love your vision, love your passion!

    please contact me anytime! i’d love to catch up.

    matt XOXO

  14. Jeff, you know I am a fan of yours. Here are some folks/orgs that may help you further your goals.

    Big Apple Greeters (do a freebie for the greeters who so often deal wth foreigh tourists!)

    Noshwalks: Myra Alperson

    NYC and Co. (Our offical Convention and Visitors Bureau)

    Terri Osborne, QBP, Cultural Affairs person; As the new QBH I can help you there.

    Put yoiur best foot/site/ideas forward.


  15. I teach in Queens and we have a group of 10 teachers that once a month experience different ethnic foods at a variety of restaurants in Queens and in different neighborhoods. We are always looking to learn about different cultures, customs and foods.

  16. Hi. πŸ™‚
    I’ve been reading a few posts, if I ever visit New York I know enough about what to eat there now.
    Your blog is great, I really hope you manage to achieve your goals.

    Thanks, Lauren.

  17. Dude, what do you do for a living?

    • I’m going to answer this in a post in November

  18. It’s been a year since I read the goals tab. I am so proud of you Jeff!

  19. I would like to recommend Mr. Tong’s if it hasn’t been mentioned. 97-20 Queens Blvd, Rego Park, (betw. 64-65th Rd). Tel: 718-897-8202

    Actually, down Queens Blvd there are so many restaurants, but my friend took me to Mr. Tong’s because I LOVE Peking duck. The kind that you wrap up with veggies in a mini-sandwhich. A whole Peking duck meal for only $30! (And the 2 of us couldn’t finish it. We have to remember to bring in reinforcements next time πŸ™‚ ).

    And Mr. Tong is very nice. I’m not a veggie eater, but he always recommends a good veggie dish that is absolutely delish.

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