Flushing Mall Grazing Experience


Saturday, Feb 19th
Flushing Mall Food Court

There’s are all these stands at the Flushing Mall food court, and each one has at least 30 items on the menu. Most of these dishes I have no idea what they entail, How will I ever know what to order??

The Flushing Mall Grazing Experience is similar to a pot luck, but instead of bringing the food, each person will be required to spend $10 at the food court!

The mall is providing a big stage, so we’re doing GAME SHOWS with lots of PRIZES. Participate in events like Fortune Cookie Drawl, Blend it Taste it, Broomstick au-go-go, and a Singled Out-type game sponsored by FLIRT (if you’re looking, this is for you!).

There are lots of giveaways from our sponsors including:

Mike Simkin from MJS Sake Selections
Sauce from Dainobu

This is going to be an ultimate food enthusiast’s event – for the curious and the loyal fans. Imagine tables full of every item on these kitchen’s menus. 10 dollars buys more than one meal, so come at 2, pick something you’ve always wanted try, bring it to the common area and GRAZE. Uneasy at chopsticks? We’ll have challenges for you to try to practice at the tables.

And check out the sub-contests from Joe DiStefano and M. Wells

There will be name tags to put on each dish. They will say where they came from and what dish it is. We have to document this!

AND Have you ever walked down the chili sauce aisle in an Asian supermarket and thought, How am I supposed to choose?? —- As an added attraction, we will have a Chili Sauce Tasting Table hosted by Jared Cohee of Eat the World NYC. For $5, you will get to sample the entire aisle of Chili Sauces. Sounds like fun? Find your taste.

Sponsors of the Chili Sauce Tasting Table:

There’s so much to see in Flushing and the rest of the mall. Bring your family and tell your friends. Let’s make this another awesome event.

Facebook Invite —- Official Newsletter: Eater’s Digest

Yasushi Sasaki, Two Rivers Associates

Village Voice’s Fork in the Road, Pizza Duly Conquered, Jeff Orlick Tackles Chinese at Flushing Mall
Queens Chronicle, my crossed chopsticks logo was apparently an omen

133-31 39th Ave
Flushing, NY 11354

Serious Eats’ Guide to the Flushing Mall Food Court



  1. We are looking forward to the fun!

  2. I’m looking forward to this.

  3. Man o Man! If only I wasn’t slinging plates at M. Wells that day…

  4. […] Jeff Orlick, the man behind the blog Jeffrey Tastes, will be hosting the Flushing Mall Grazing Experience this Saturday, Feb. 19. It originally started out as an event for about 50 of his closest friends, but – like everything on the internet – has gone viral and spiraled out of control, and now he expects about 200 people to attend. All you have to do is spend $10 at the food court and get tasting. There will even be prizes and…we’ll just let Jeffrey tell you about, more info here. […]

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