Posted by: Orlick | March 14, 2011

Broadway Take Out – Korean Stall off the JH Station

Check out Broadway Take Out (75-24 Broadway, Elmhurst).

They’ve been open since August and are just now getting their footing in the neighborhood starting with a pretty rad sign.

broadway takeout (9)

They serve essentially Korean street food. Most items like bulgogi and spicy pork are combined with kimchi, griddled, then put on top of rice with some cabbage. I love it. My test, the rice, feels great the more I eat and the pork is surprisingly, gleefully fatty. Other items like seafood pancake and K-Toast (egg sandwich), when fresh, can’t miss. There is space for 2 people to sit at the window, but other than that it’s smaller than many LICer’s closets.

This would be great food to be had at 2:30 in the morning, with its bright sign illuminated to guide those stumbling off the train – but they’re not open too late so we’ll have just have to have it stumbling home from work.

Squid rice



broadway takeout (6)

broadway takeout (3)

broadway takeout

broadway takeout (2)



  1. don’t you think it’s a little funny that the legal name (as posted on the sign) is JNK Food, Inc. Maybe you should add “Junk Food” to your tags. 😉

    • funny, right? The guy used to be in a place in Colombia, but his contract expired. The food is carbolicious.

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