Posted by: Orlick | February 23, 2011

The Flushing Mall Grazing Experience experience

The Flushing Mall Grazing Experience was my dream for a long time – probably a year. It was the only way I could try everything the food court has to offer. And while the experience is still not complete, I encourage you to add your own documentation to the flickr group so one day it can be.

courtesy Veronica Chan

Cold Noodle with Chopped Pork (spicy)Chinese BurgerDan Dan Noodles - Chendu SnacksKorean Cream Cakes - Deli ManouLa (?) Garlic Puree streaky (?) pork - Chengdu SnackMala Fermented Bean Curd Noodles - Chengdu Snack

I loved the games we played.
Blend It – Eat It: 4 contestants had to guess what was in each blend. We blended the items on site and had a big poster saying what was in it. First person to guess 1 or 2 ingredients won a prize.

Fortune Cookie Drawl:
Have you ever tried reading the backs of the fortune cookie fortunes to a Chinese person? The transliterations are totally wrong. I asked 3 Chinese people and 6 not-Chinese people to step on the stage. The non-Chinese would read the transliteration and the Chinese would try to guess. They basically couldn’t do it, but I think we all learned something.

Broomstick au-go-go: Groups of 2 came to the stage. One person held a toilet paper roll between their legs, and the other a broomstick. 1st to insert the broomstick into the toilet paper rolls won. I liked this one because it was fast. The people didn’t know what was going on until they were doing it.

Then I had some interviewing games. We had lots of giveaways:
India Cookbook – which came in a cool burlap sack
Thai Street Food Book
Sake from Mike Simkin of MJS Sake Selections
Japanese mayonaise and other sauces from Dainobu
Paulie Gee’s Pizza gift certificate
Andrew Coe’s Chop Suey: A Cultural History of Chinese Food in the United States
Gift Certificate to Table Wine
Gift Certificate to Artopolis Bakery in Astoria
Elegant sugar gift boxes from Chambre de Sucre
Flushing Tour from Joe DiStefano to the people who Stumped him.
Dinner for 2 from Kimchi Taco Truck
Payag Filipino Restaurant gift certificates
M Wells “Over the moon culinary surprise” (!)

All of these prizes were basically hand-selected my me and my inside crew. We only associate with quality companies and would never put our names behind unsavory businesses.

I would have liked the attendance to overwhelm the mall, but it didn’t hit that point. There’s been a good amount of press so far, and perhaps more in the coming week, so I hope this will inspire more to come to Flushing, while being secure in knowing what to order. Also, I hope they (you) will add to the Flickr pool of food photos from the Flushing Mall to further educate the curious public. It is your responsibility to show off what makes Queens and Flushing such a limitless community.

The Chili Sauce Tasting Table has some leftovers. I’m determined that one of these chili sauces will yield revolutionary wings. Do you have a simple base recipe?

What’s next? Did you click on that link to Thai Street Food book? How do we get that on Roosevelt Avenue? That’s what I want. But sooner will probably be more pizza excursions.

Serious Eats
Stella Dacuma
Edible Queens’ World’s Fare




  1. Amazing! Keep having dreams like this!!! Recovering from food poisoning otherwise I would have been there (eat out often enough and it’s not IF you’ll get it but when). The photos are awesome. Can’t wait till I well enough to chow down at the Flushing Mall!

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