Posted by: Orlick | February 18, 2011

More Giveaways at the Grazing Experience

We got even more giveaways for the Flushing Mall Grazing Experience!
To win, you gotta be a participant! We’re doing Fortune Cookie Drawl, Blend It-Eat It, Broomstick au-go-go, and a Singles event (tell your friends who are looking)

I only associate with great companies.
Chambre de Sucre I met at the Asian Feastival. Their sugars are remarkable and should be sold in a jewelry store. Table Wine have nice priced, quality wines and is local in Jackson Heights. Kimchi Taco Truck is the new generation of food trucks and is not annoying, nor dessert. Payag, is in a new class of Filipino restaurants – this is Queens progress. Artopolis is luscious and Flirt is a new singles meeting group – for locals. I like em all.

This is going on Saturday, Feb 19th, 2-5pm. Flushing Mall Grazing Experience.


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