Posted by: Orlick | February 17, 2011

Sub-Contests of the Flushing Mall Grazing Experience

We’ve got 2 sub-contests in the Flushing Mall Grazing Experience:

Joe DiStefano of Edible Queens’s World’s Fare challenges you to stump him!
The first eight(8) participants whose dish I have absolutely no clue about will win a World’s Fare walking/eating tour of downtown Flushing.

The event decrees that every dish shall be photographed along with their names and which vendor they came from. If you try to stump Mr. DiStefano, make sure he doesn’t see the label!

And this is probably the greatest giveaway ever…
How can you even put a price on it?
We’re giving away one(1) Over the Moon Culinary Surprise from M. Wells.
(These are the words from Sarah herself(!), you know it will be good.)

All you have to do is be the first to answer a question about them correctly.
See you at the FluMaGrEx.


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