Posted by: Orlick | January 14, 2011

Trick or Eat Ambassador Thank You Sara Under the 7, Veronica and Jin & Brandon

In my final Thank You…

Special thank you to Veronica Chan for her contribution to Trick or Eat.
The work we did together on the Asian Feastival was one of the inspirations for the event. I found that local restaurants were too short-staffed to physically come to Flushing with their food and equipment. Here, we’d make it as easy as possible for them to participate; All they had to do was provide the food, I would even offer someone to hand it out (only two took advantage of this (THANKS TRICIA, MARY, VIV AND JIM KIM!)). Elmhurst is an neighborhood without boundaries. Sometimes the owners are only available way after sundown. Thank you Veronica for doing the midnight recruiting with me.

Thank you Jin and Brandon for their Chinese help. They run the MSG Food Blog. We had difficult times trying to convince the Chinese businesses to participate, but we found there often to be a moment of attention on the owners’ faces when Brandon, a 6-ft tall blond man started talking fluent Mandarin (better than his Chinese counterpart).

And thank you to Sara Under the 7 for being a Spanish ambassador. We have more work to do in the Spring…


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