Posted by: Orlick | January 13, 2011

Thank You Taxi Gourmet, Judy and Charlee

I first met Layne on the line to Choice Eats. But I knew of her way before that: She has one of the coolest angles of food exploration out there. How she works is that she takes a ride in a taxicab and asks the driver to take her to their favorite food in the city. I have always been a fan of the taxi driver’s tastes – they know the city back and forth and probably where to get the best food of their own country (which is usually something new to me). Plus their food has gotta be cheap and fast. Layne is now a taxidriver herself, and is taking her adventures even further.

Thank you Layne Mosler AKA the Taxi Gourmet for your help as my Spanish Ambassador for Trick or Eat.

Photo by Pablo Mehanna

Layne not only was so sweet and a great talker for the restaurants like Cilantro and Elm Mex Grocery juice stand, she helped much beyond that by introducing me to her friend and my Chinese Ambassador, Judy.

Judy was incredibly valuable because she speaks Mandarin and Cantonese. Not only that, she was cunning, hard-nosed and relentless with trying to sign up the Chinese restaurants. I can tell Judy has incredible drive and will succeed in ways I cannot begin to imagine.

Judy is looking to go to a high profile university next year – So if anyone out there has ties to Yale, Princeton, Harvard, etc (and a heart), get in contact with me. Here is someone that can continue your spirit and will make you proud.

Judy then introduced me to Charlee, my Thai ambassador. He was great with talking to the Thai restaurants, who were all open and happy to participate if possible. Charlee was so nice, but has a couple of years until college. We’ll help him then.


And here’s what Layne is doing now:
I’m working on a book inspired by taxi adventures in Buenos Aires, New York and Berlin. I’m also trying to make my site more interactive: if anyone’s interested in taking off on a taxi adventure and writing/podcasting or putting their food quest on video, I’d love to share it on my blog.


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