Posted by: Orlick | December 26, 2010

Jeff, What do you do for a living??

Lots of times people say to me: Jeff, What do you do for a living?? Is it related to foodstuff? I’ve kept it a secret for a while because I really don’t like to confuse my professional life with my food life, but so people don’t ask me anymore, I want to let it out once and for all what it is that I do.

When they first started making bike lanes, it was before this whole safety craze took hold of America. They stenciled in characters bicycles without naked heads. Apparently, it’s not politically correct anymore, so the DOT ordered every bike lane figure have a helmet on the cartoon. I won a government bid a while ago to put helmets on each drawing and I’ve been doing it for the past 3 years.

bike lane (3)


bike w helmet (2)

It allows me to explore the city at my leisure and find new restaurants, so that’s good.

So now you know.



  1. Just when we thought Jeff Orlick couldn’t get any cooler…

  2. I agree with you, Layne. Jeff rocks! Very cool, and I’m very impressed.
    If I don’t get a chance to get back on line in the next couple of days, I just wanted to wish everyone on this most excellent NY/food blog a very happy, healthy, safe and bestest new year ever.

  3. I’m the guy they hired to make the crossing signs flash walk and dont walk at the same time

  4. helmets are cool. they save skulls.

  5. that is awesome! i’ve got to stop reading about you and actually get out there!

    great job on the helmets.

  6. this is amazing. agree with layne–you just got cooler!

  7. wait….are you serious? Its not a joke? How do you win a gov’t contract like that? and where do I sign up?

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