Posted by: Orlick | October 29, 2010

Trick or Eat Strategy

What’s gonna happen on Sunday??

If you’re taking the train, you’ll get out of the subway at Elmhurst Ave (EMR) and you’ll probably see me at the park on the corner of 45th Ave and Broadway. Come with your group and Mr. Hamilton and I will give you and your friends a gameboard which entitles you to samples at all of the participating restaurants. If you are coming by your lonesome, just stick around and join a group – it’s cool.

This is not a tour, it’s like an open house/tasting festival/trick or treat. Elmhurst will be crazy busy with trick or treaters during our route. There are some businesses not participating in our Trick or Eat – but if you are dressed up, you can get a good look at them and have a regular piece of candy by trick or treating them.

Elmhurst is unique. Home to the best Thai, a strip of Fujianese late-night places, Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, great pizza, tacos, Argentine and more. The percentage of restaurants in the Edible Mile from Baxter to Queens Boulevard is remarkable. It’s not Chinatown. And it’s not Steinway. It’s not the Village. It’s not Bedford. It’s only Elmhurst Broadway.

This is meant to be an open house for the great restaurants of Elmhurst. If you like what you see and taste, pick up a menu and come back next week.

Which Eats you can expect:
Cafe Noodle – 8329 Bway
Sweet Yummy House – 8313 Bway
Yi Mei bakery – 8124 Broadway *1-3pm
Lao Bei Fang’s Hot Pot – 8305 Broadway
La Fusta – 8032 Baxter
Boon Chu – 83-18 Bway
Coco – 82-69 Broadway
Dunkin Donuts – 8121 Broadway
Ploy Thai – 8140 Bway
Java Village – 8610 Justice Ave
Quickly – 8306 Bway
Carniceria Colombia – 8408 Broadway
Elmhurst Mex Grocery – 8003 Broadway
Gino’s – 8635 Bway *limited
My Thai – 83-47 Dongan
El Cilantro – 81-10 Bway
Bella Pizza – 8130 Bway *limited
Fay Da – 8612 Justice
Post Time – 8634 Broadway (Afterparty in the beer garden, no specials booo)

carniceria colombia

la fusta

elmhurst grocery

yi mei




  1. Are these free tastes? discounted for the group? What do we actually get from each place?

    • YES – each place will have samples to give out – no cost. As you go to each, they will cross off their names from the game board (one sample per place).

      I left the decision on what to give to each place. But I think Ploy is giving spring rolls, My Thai is giving pad thai, ginos is sicilian pie, la fusta might be doing a slab of beef on some bread…

  2. Have a brilliant and fun time, all you lucky souls who are taking part in this. I’ll be there in spirit – pun intended! – but wish I could be there in the flesh. Take lots of pictures, please. Above all else, have a great Hallowe’en.

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