Posted by: Orlick | October 26, 2010

El Cilantro – Trick or Eat Run-up

El Cilantro (81-10 Broadway) was one of the top 3 places I thought would benefit from Trick or Eat the most. They are new and they are different on the inside.

el cilantro

Every time I go in there, they have something new and exciting. Last week, I came in at 1am, and that a stew of chicharron and cactus, which was put over rice in the taco. This place has the most depth of taco selections I can recall.

My Yelp review

They’re 24 hours too.

They will be interesting at Trick or Eat. Get your game board and check them off right after Ploy Thai.



  1. whaaat?!?!? can’t wait to try these!!!

    any food porn, on this place?

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