Posted by: Orlick | October 24, 2010

Gino’s Pizza – Trick or Eat Run-up

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One of the best pizzas in New York City is right in Elmhurst (2 of them are actually).

Here’s a sample from the iPhone app:
ginos elmhurst (7)

ginos elmhurst (2)ginos elmhurst (4)

Gino’s Pizza (Elmhurst)
Great pie from the pan

Among pizzaphiles, there’s always the age old question: Which makes the best pizza? Is it a coal? Is it wood? Is it a rotating oven? The answer has been under our nose the entire time. The best pies come from brick. Brick walls.

The luscious Sicilian slices; It does not get much better than this. Great mini pan pies. As a matter of fact, every pizza here created in a pan comes out luscious. They all have this sweet, buttery, thick crust. Cheesy and wet on top. Even the heavy garlic knots and pepperoni rolls are great. Those pies rotated by hand, however, are less recommended.

It’s always been the brick walls. There’s something about the warm in the winter, cold in the summer brick leaning against your skin as you collapse into a booth. There’s something about the uniqueness of every brick and graying mortar that hugs it. There’s something about the way the smells of history reside against the walls.

It’s Bricks. Gino’s: excellent pizza for Queens, great pizza for all mankind.

Opened: 1968
Distinction: White brick facade. Old school Queens.

Address: 8635 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY
Phone: (718) 672-8515
Price: $
Categories: Queens, Old School, Square

There will be samples of their Sicilian slice offered at Trick or Eat. But go quick – they may run out!



  1. Hey! That’s fantastic news about the pizza app, Jeff! Absolutely brilliant and I’m so delighted for you. If there’s one guy who knows his pizzza, it’s you. As they say over here, ‘fair play to ye.’

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