Posted by: Orlick | October 22, 2010

Yi Mei Bakery – Trick or Eat Run-up

When you come on Trick or Eat, look for the restaurants with the Trick or Eat logo in the window. You’ll know they are IN for the event. Otherwise, if you are dressed up, you can probably get away with trick or treating the other places with the general public down the avenue. Trick or Treating is really big in Elmhurst.

And that’s one of the biggest challenges. We’re competing with the huge amount of kids that the businesses are going to be giving out candy to. To assuage that challenge, we’re going to have volunteers to help the businesses. Do you want to be a 2-hour volunteer for the event? Flag me down with a comment or email.

Another challenge is the language barrier. And Elmhurst is basically the most uncharted territory as far as community involvement. The Thai restaurants are mostly gung-ho, but the others are more difficult. Either way, we’re not stopping

One of the latest places to be in is Yei Mei bakery. Just getting to the owner is basically impossible. After being cut off by the barrier of 4 young Asian girls giggling (not the fantasy is sounds like), the owner/baker with his caked smock runs out and we attack him. He was reluctant because of the economy, but that’s exactly why he should do it, I said. My Mandarin ambassador talked with him for about 8 minutes before aside she said to me, “He’s In.” We rushed to give him the window flyer and leave before he could reconsider.

He’s going to be cutting up cakes and breads for sampling from 1-3pm. Get there early if you want a slice.

Yi Mei Bakery, 81-26 Broadway

yi mei

Invite your friends on Facebook to Trick or Eat.
The bigger your group, the more efficient you will be.



  1. This bakery is good but I stopped going when I saw the deplorable condition the Bakery’s cat was in, not only was it really sad to see an animal caked in grease from head to toe! With half eyes closed of dirt and the cat was meowing to everyone who came in wanting to eat bread, the girl there would throw him like a soccer ball in the kitchen in disgust and and he would run away. I’ll never support a business that treats their animals this way, I don’t support animal cruelty, they’re awful!

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