Posted by: Orlick | October 20, 2010

Ploy Thai – Trick or Eat

Ploy Thai has (81-40 Broadway) been getting some attention lately. At the Asian Feastival, they had a triumph with their miang khana, and the blogger love started to flow. Just today, they appeared on The Eaten Path. And on chowhound, people are starting to pick them up too. Do you remember when our Thai Ambassador took us there?

They’ll be participating in Trick or Eat.

ploy thai



  1. Hey I used to love this place and still do but that was before I discovered Chao Thai, it’s literally a hole in the wall 2 blocks away with amazing stuff, dunno if you’ve been there before but it’s my favorite authentic Thai spot in Elmhurst no fancy decor or awful waiters, just good authentic food.

  2. Chao Thai, Sriprapai, ayada – they all have people who love them the most. I think Ploy is just starting to get up there now actually. Something happened in the past few months, and now people are all of the sudden talking about it more and more.

    I haven’t hit my stride with chao thai yet. Maybe I’ve just ordered the wrong things, or maybe I need to go back now that my Thai game has been upped. You really can’t go wrong with any thai in elmhurst though.

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