Posted by: Orlick | October 19, 2010

Sweet Yummy House – Trick or Eat Spotlight

Sweet Yummy has a layer of excitement around it. They came onto the scene about 6 months ago and within a month went from Burmese to Szechuan food. But don’t be dismayed by the title that attaches itself to so many Chinese take-out joints, this has spark and is a pretty, comfortable restaurant.

When you go in, check out what they have under the glass. Maybe it’s a pepper mix or something minced meat. I am always wide-eyed when I look under there. And the tables always have something intriguing on them like burners boiling over pots of darkness.

Sweet yummy house

Joining these restaurants up for Trick or Eat is not easy. Not only the language barrier, but the wariness of having a foreigner (white guy me) trying to persuade them to do something. At first, I spoke to one of the workers who flat out told me No, that they don’t have time to fool around with my event. I asked who the boss was and what language he spoke. A week later, I came back with my Mandarin ambassador and after about 5 minutes of talking, the owner smiled and they were in. What a relief! They were one of my major aims for this crawl. I know that once people come in there and sample what they are like, they will come back for more.

You’ll check it out on Trick or Eat. Pick up a menu, and return with some friends in November.

Sweet Yummy House
83-13 Broadway
Elmhurst, Queens


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