Posted by: Orlick | October 17, 2010

Cafe Noodle Spotlight – The Trick or Eat Run-up

I’ve learned a lot while recruiting for Trick or Eat in the past month regarding the restaurants of Elmhurst. One interesting one was Cafe Noodle. It just changed ownership and is now a Modern Fuzhounese style restaurant.

It was initially difficult to get them involved. The owner wasn’t concerned about cost, but that his food wouldn’t show well because it would get cold if waiting in the open all day for Trick or Eaters to come. I assured him that he will have a plethora of eaters coming in and he should cook a dish at a time, then play it by ear. This definitely shows me he’s a man of integrity and proud of his food.

The menu looks good, with a long list of seafood and other dishes like Garlic Fried Lamb and Abalone Fried Belly Tip (what??!). And it’s spotless. I would love to take a group of 6 here.

They will probably put on a show. Be sure to head here on your Trick or Eat.

cafe noodle

Cafe Noodle
83-29 Broadway
Elmhurst, Queens, NY


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