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Jeffrey Tastes Email: Subj ‘Trick or Eat / NYC Pizza iPhone app / Hot Pot Ambassador / PS Joseph and Roommates’

Did you know I have an exclusive email list? It’s where I write my latest information about Ambassador Programs (which aren’t announced publicly beforehand) , my special events and other news. I like people to really want to be on the list, so I haven’t said outright how to get on. But if you just send me a comment that says you want in, I’ll put you on.

This latest is a long one, but it’s all relevant. I try not to write more than one a month, and generally pack lots of info concisely into one email. I value your inbox. Here it is. Enjoy

Long time, no write, huh? I’ve been busy. Let’s roll.

First off, is my latest big event: Trick Or Eat
This takes back Halloween Trick or Treating from kids and let’s us have some fun again. Attendees will walk down Broadway in Elmhurst and sample from as many restaurants as they like. Each participating restaurant will have signage in the window to notify you if they are participating. I am aiming for every restaurant in Elmhurst from the hospital to Queens Boulevard to participate. It’s a big project, and I still need your help! If you are a speaker of any of the languages of Elmhurst (Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Vietnamese), or if you know anyone that can help, please contact me right away. This is a great way to get to know the business owners and would even be a great resume add-on. How cool would it be to say that you united a community that everyone said was impossible?? Contact me ASAP – I’ll buy lunch.

For more details:

The Real Pizza of New York iPhone app
Most of you already know my love of pizza and my relentless pursuit of the slice in NYC. Well, my lifelong research has finally materialized in the form of an iPhone app. This is probably the best way I can spread my knowledge. It’s like the app universe was designed for my mind. A book wouldn’t be half as useful as this. When you buy it, you have free updates for life, but to start, I have listed 100 of the best, real pizzerias of New York. Inside are opening dates, pictures, distinctions, and maps to see what slices are close to you at the moment. There are also categories like Pizza Tours and Pilgrimages, along with Coal, Wood and others. I’ve tried to make it as functional as possible to assist you at finding love in NYC pizza.

This week only – for New York locals and the people who have supported me – I am holding the price at 99 cents. Next week, I raise it to the price of a pepperoni slice.

This has already been written up on Slice at Serious Eats ( ‘Real Pizza of New York’ iPhone App Is a Pizza Lover’s Must-Have). Here’s an excerpt of what they had to say: all I can say is that this app is a must-have for hardcore and newbie pizza fans alike. Mr. Orlick gets all the classic places in here as well as some real hidden gems. And his taste is impeccable. This guide is authoritative, accurate, and accessible. Bravo! Wish I would have come up with something like it myself!

Get yours at
and if you dig, write a 5-star review


HOT POT Ambassador!
We are lucky to have chef Kian Lam Kho lead us on a rooftop hot pot for a surely unforgettable night. We met at the Asian Feastival where I asked him to dream up a night to share his culture and cuisine. This is it.

If you don’t know what hot pot is, see this video: – But this video is at a restaurant with no ambassador. Kian says: usually they serve commercially prepared dumplings, meatballs and other industrialized ingredients. I will be preparing all these at home with fresh ingredients. So the guests will be experiencing true homemade hot pot ingredients… the dinner will be served on proper chinatableware and not on disposable containers. The atmosphere will feel more like an exclusive dining experience rather than a takeout food gathering.

Kian is the author of the Red Cook blog – where he shares recipes for Asian cooking. He is a virtual encyclopedia of Asian food. Kian is a private chef and promises a night of hot pot happiness. From the stories I’ve been privy to, it seems Kian is one of the most skilled underground chefs in NYC. It should be good.

Interview on MSG
Interview on

Location: Long Island City rooftop
Price: $35 w/ optional beer/wine pairing TBA.
Sat, Oct 23rd, 5pm. Optional Prep with the Chef at 4pm.
Attached is a menu for the hot pot

Limit: 20 people. Email me to be included in the hot pot. This will fill up fast.

Our South Asian Ambassador, Joseph Aranha has another invitation for a great eating experience:

As part of our monthly programs here is an invite for dinner on October 29, from 6 to 8 PM for the most authentic tasting Malaysian food in New York City (my opinion, after learning to cook it in KL, Malaysia and at which restaurant I have been eating regularly for the past twenty five years)
at the
“JAYA restaurant”
at 90 Baxter Street in Chinatown (just off Canal Street), New York 10013
The menu will consist of 2 appetisers, 5 entrees and a desert.
Charge per person + $ 25- (includes taxes and tips)
Reservations is a must. Please send you checks in the name of the “Jaya Restaurant” to
Joseph Aranha, 88-04 70th Road, Forest Hills, New York 11375-6620
to reach me by the 25th October.
Please feel free to get back to me with any queries that you may have.
Kind regards

Joseph holds monthly eating experiences himself. If you would like to be put on his mailing list for future events or are interested in this one, send an email to

And Roommates Wanted NYC is going great. We just expanded to Harlem and LIC. Two weeks ago, we were written up in the NY Times, Meet, Mingle, and Maybe Move In – and have events this Sunday in Prospect Heights and East Village. If you know anyone with a room to rent, they especially will benefit from our events. For more info:

Nice to catch up with you. Email me if you want to come to the hot pot. It’s going to be awesome. Also the Trick or Eat should be addressed ASAP. If you can talk to the Asian community, help a brother out and share the knowledge. We can make this happen.

Let’s talk next week,
Jeff Orlick

Find your taste:
Find your space: Roommates Wanted NYC

Click to download Hot Pot Ambassador menu



  1. Wish I could be at one of those ambassador events. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town on both dates! Live it up, Orlick.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Please add me to your exclusive email list.

    And when is your next pizza crawl??


  3. Please add me to the list. Love the site.

  4. No wonder I couldn’t figure out how to get in! It’s been a secret, eh? Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag, yes, I want in! Thank you so much! (Great stuff, BTW!)


  5. Please add me to your ambassador list. Thnx.

  6. I am new to Queens and glad to find your posts about the wonderfully dizzying variety of nosh options. Please add me to your e-mail list — thanks!

  7. Would you please add me to your email list? Many thanks!

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