Posted by: Orlick | October 6, 2010

Battling the sickness in Queens

Are you sick? I am. Here are some dishes in the vicinity to cure and alleviate.

Pozole: A sometimes intense soup whose defining characteristic is hominy (large kerneled corn). It has lime in it and usually pork or chicken. This is known to be a hangover cure. It will also clear out your cold. Get it at Taqueria Coatzingo (7605 Roosevelt Ave, 4018 82nd St) or El Paso (6406 Roosevelt Ave)(has been closed occasionally).

Thenthuk – This is a brothy flat noodle soup from the Himalayas. In Tibet Town (around 37th Rd), some of the restaurants make their own noodles. At Shangri-la/Lhasa, they shave it off a ball into your soup – it’s fun to watch them in their open air kitchen. As with everything in this post, add some spicy pepper sauce to get your fluids running. Also, try the soup at Namaste at on 74th and Roosevelt or Lali Guras on 76th street. Consider steamed momos too; the iron and B12 is important for your recovery.

Thentuck from Shangri-La

Jugos de frutas from Chuzos y Algo Mas (79-01 Roosevelt Ave). You want the mas part here. Look at the jugos section of the menu. Try #9: strawberry, banana and orange juice. Maybe try something that adds to your protein level like #11: banana, papaya, granola and orange juice.

Tom yom soup (hot and sour) from Arunee (3768 79th St) or the new Thai casual place on 72nd and 37th(look forward to a post soon). Also, try the water-based (hotter) curries like jungle curry. It doesn’t have the melting from coconut fat, so it can be intense. You’ll soon forget your cold if you are eating jungle curry, trust me. At the Thai casual place you can just point, but if you have to speak to choose, say “Pad Khing”.

Hot and Sour soup from JJ Chan’s (7521 31st Ave).

Chicken Ginseng from Korean-Chinese Mi Dang (7514 Broadway). Ginseng is gonna heat you up and cool you out. It gives your body the run-through. Get it where you can.

Pho (said fuh) – from Thai Son (4010 74th St). There’s at least 15 varieties on the back page of the menu, but the main differences between them are whether you want a big bowl and whether you want navel or tendons in there. You should probably get them. The steam and spice clear out your sinuses and the broth has your nutrients.

Congee from Lao Bei Fang (86-08 Whitney Ave) – Resist the fried dumplings! The main reason congee is good for a sickness is that it’s nutrients are easy to absorb into the body from it.

And if you’re still sick, try Candalaria Botanica (9217 Roosevelt Ave). Get some candles and incense to eliminate the bad mojo.

Stay away from sugar, fried foods, dairy, and alcohol. Aim for ginger, garlic and heat. Lots of it. Isn’t it strange we only eat well when we’re sick? This is how you’re meant to eat, after all.

What do you eat?

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  1. Excellent guide. Restorative soup seems gets a lot more respect and zing from other cultures than from most American restaurants, so Queens would be destination #1 for me! Trying thentuk is definitely on the list.

  2. There’s a Filipino dish I love when I’m sick: Chicken Tinola. It’s got that magic convergence of chicken broth, ginger, and greens that’s great for an ailing body.

    I also love sinigang, which is a tart Filipino soup. With some rice, it’s total comfort food.

  3. That picture of Thentuk, I thought it was from Shangri-la Lhasa. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • we’re both wrong. It’s Shangri-La regular – the entrance on 37th rd. I was sick when I wrote this, I knew I’d get some info wrong.

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