Posted by: Orlick | October 3, 2010

Trick or Eat Elmhurst – Halloween 2010

This is the latest, big event:

Sunday, October 31st. Halloween.

The idea is for everyone to walk down Broadway and try small morsels of food from each restaurant. Each place will give a sample of a signature dish and people will get to walk in and have a taste of what each environment is like. Like trick or treat.This will showcase our great neighborhood, give out-of-towners the excuse to visit, and be a safe, fun place for adults and kids to hang out on Halloween.

If you are a foreign language speaker, contact me. I need your help. If you know any of the restaurant owners personally, contact me. I need your help. This is a big challenge, but there is no alternative. It’s going to happen.

We are going to start at 1pm. Meet at the park by Taste Good (45th Ave) for your special game board, which each restaurant will check off when you’ve had your treat.

Suggested donation: $10 per group. No limit to group size.

Proceeds will go to the Roosevelt Ave Street Crawl (Festival) next summer. It’s going to be sooo bad-ass.

For updates, check the Trick or Eat page



  1. This is a brilliant idea! I love it! I can predict the future – it’s going to be fantabulous.

  2. I agree with Greek Girl.

  3. Wow

  4. […] challenge of Trick or Eat was that the community is so fragmented. There is no central organization of Elmhurst and there are […]

  5. […] you Layne Mosler AKA the Taxi Gourmet for your help as my Spanish Ambassador for Trick or Eat. Photo by Pablo […]

  6. […] thank you to Veronica Chan for her contribution to Trick or Eat. The work we did together on the Asian Feastival was one of the inspirations for the event. I found […]

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