Posted by: Orlick | September 30, 2010

BRGR Look from Rachel Alexandra and Marigold Mitchell

Once in a while a PR company sends me an email to look at their product. Sometimes it’s a restaurant doing an open house for “select” members of the press. Sometimes it’s wine. I generally offer these up to my staff of writers (friends). Yelp helped me realize that there are so many compelling writers out there, but most don’t have the means to make a grand organization of it. Same thing with the Ambassador Program. I’m sharing the fruits of my blog, plus I like to provide more info on my site. All I tell my writers is: if they like it, they write about it. And don’t gush. — Jeffrey Tastes

BRGR Look by Rachel Alexandra and Marigold Mitchell


The daily grind provokes the most important question from noon – 1 PM. What’s for lunch? In the Midtown East/Upper East Side area, you could go really big (David Burke Townhouse), go lazy (the deli next door), or perhaps go for the all ever-satisfying gut bomb burger. There’s a few in the area from Pop Burger and Burger Heaven to Goodburger and Fl!p at Bloomingdales. The newest one we’ve discovered is BRGR, which opened in May.

This is the second BRGR location in Manhattan (1026 Third Ave – 60/61). The original BRGR opened in Chelsea 3 years ago. The new location is a plethora of polka dots, heavy on grass references, and so much nicer than a McDonalds and the neighborhood diner.

BRGR lies in-between a fast food joint and a sit down restaurant. All of the food is cooked fresh and to order. The average wait time for a burger is eight minutes, you can specify how you want your meat done (medium is the default), and if you are short on time you can always just phone in your order and pick it up at the counter.


BRGR’s claim to fame is that they use grass-fed beef. It’s supposed to be healthier (rich in omega 3, lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat, etc.) than corn-fed beef and friendlier to the environment. We noticed that the calories were not listed on the menus. Since BRGR only has two locations, they don’t have to list them.

So what’s the skinny on BRGR? We tasted quite a few options on the menu and this is what we found:

The Beautiful Day BRGR: beef patty, American Cheese, Thousand Island, grilled onions, L/T/P – It was a great basic burger. This burger is nowhere in the league of Shake Shack but it is a pretty darn good cheeseburger.

The Rainforest BRGR: beef patty, Gruyere, avocado, herb mayo, L/T – BRGR gets fancy with the Gruyere cheese. The herb mayo is made in house and the avocado made it very refreshing.

The Blue Sky BRGR: beef patty, Roquefort, bacon, sweet onion marmalade, L/T/P – Bacon! It was apple smoked and delicious! Along with the Roquefort, it was a bit salty but was well balanced by the sweet onion spread.

The Down on the Farm BRGR: beef patty, Cheddar, bacon, horseradish sauce, onion, L/T/P – We had expected this burger to have a little zing based on the horseradish sauce but it really fell flat and was uneventful.

The Fresh Morning BRGR: beef patty, American Cheese, egg, Thousand Island, grilled onions, L/T- This burger was messy! When the yolk was punctured, it oozed everywhere. Grease, cheese, and yolk… Would you want that all over your fingers? The taste wasn’t really breakfast in a sandwich. It did not live up to its fame.

The Cultivated Garden BRGR: veggie patty, Gruyere, avocado, herb mayo, L/T/P – This burger was all green made up of broccoli, peas, fava beans, carrots, etc. It was excellent and just as satisfying as a meat patty. It holds its form well and isn’t too mushy. It also does not taste bland or err on the side of cardboard. It’s pretty sweet and you can see all the veggies.

The Rolling Hills BRGR: turkey patty, Gruyere, herb mayo, grilled onions, L/T/P – Not bad for a turkey burger. The patty was a little salty but telling BRGR not to sprinkle salt on your order could easily rectify that.

We also tried the sweet potato fries and the milkshakes. The sweet potato fries were crisp and a small serving. The milkshakes come in four flavors: blueberry-pomegranate, black & white, strawberry, and vanilla. They are Ronnybrook Farm Dairy shakes. If you have been to Ronnybrook Farm Dairy in the Chelsea Market, then you know that these shakes are serious business. The blueberry-pomegranate is the signature flavor.

If you are going for the works (burger, fries, and drink) a lunch break at BRGR could cost you anywhere in the range of $12 – $18. For the area, the price is on par. And let’s not forget, BRGR uses grass-fed beef. Surely, that’s gotta be worth something. Give it a shot and let us know how it fares for you in the burger wars.
—Rachel Alexandra and Marigold Mitchell




  1. Great writeup, guys! I want to try the veggie burger now.

  2. Mmmmm….they all look so, so good. I want to try all of them, especially the Cultivated Garden one (cool names for these beauties, as well) and the Rolling Hills one. Oh, and some sweet potato fries. Thanks for this!

  3. Well damn, I should’ve read this BEFORE I went there. I go to FIT & there’s one across the street on 26th & 7th Ave. Feeling for something a bit idk, “healthy” today, I saw the grass fed beef tidbit and decided to check it out.
    I ordered the Beautiful Day burger with a side of Russet Fries. No joke were that portion of fries small. I got that feeling when you reach in for more and there’s none to take?
    Now i’m not too much about presentation either, but my burger has to be somewhat umm..stable. The burger was great in taste but was a HOT MESS in my hand. The 1000 island dressing kept dripping all over the place and the only thing that gave the burger it’s firmness was the fact that I had my patty well done. I wouldn’t mind trying another selection, but they definitely get a thumbs down for this one…

  4. I’ve been to the one across from FIT a long time ago and I liked it. To avoid the messy burger catastrophe, I try to keep my burger wrapped in the paper and just tear away at it. I actually like the regular fries better than the sweet potato fries. A full meal is pretty expensive here but way better than the crap McDonald’s sells.

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