Posted by: Orlick | August 27, 2010

Roosevelt Avenue Midnight Crawl wrap-up

Thanks for coming to the Midnight Crawl. Incredibly, we had over 200 people on the crawl. Woahhh. We are definitely entering into new territory with these events now. Most of the reactions were that it was fun and Different. That’s cool.

My favorite part was when about 15 of us were downstairs in a Thai Karaoke Lounge, singing beatles songs. Gradually more of our crowd came down and it was like seeing old friends with the Roosevelt maps in their hands. All the Thai people were singing along, it was crazy. euphoric. At that moment I realized it could never be as good as this moment.

Many heard about it on facebook. About 50 came because of Tasting Table. others just word of mouth. About 3/4 of the crawlers were not from the area. I kind of dig that.

There is still room to get more massive though. Roosevelt Ave can hold a lot of people Even though there were 200 people, the bars still weren’t PACKED. To make this happen, it might work to have optional time periods for different parts or Roosevelt Avenue. It was a good tool to have the game board/map. When I showed the map to participating bars this year, their eyes lit up that they were on the sheet. If it happens again, showing the map will probably inspire bars and restaurants to get more involved than they already were.

Locations highlighted on crawl:
Terraza 7 Train Cafe
Meson Asturias
Los Recuerdos
Amor Karoake Bar
Club Atlantis
Arepa Lady
Other arepa lady
Antojitos cart
Chuzos y mas
Sabrosa truck
Taco Carts on 74th St
Caja Musical
Paan dealer at 37th and 74th st.
Kabab King and their paan dealer
Halal carts at Broadway & 73rd
Thai Playground
Bum Bum Bar
Taco Carts under the tracks in Woodside
The Starting Gate

Moving forward, I have some very big things coming up. Every time I get press, my biggest hope is that I will meet a new ambassador out of it. Still going full steam with the Ambassador and working on other events too. Are you having fun yet?

Queens Courier Article
Foodie Call wrap
Amateur Foodie Adventures



  1. Had a GREAT time on the crawl. Yes the Thai karaoke was the best – i even attempted singing along in Thai. Haha. I suggest going in groups perhaps leaving at different times, as I wanted to meet more people and everyone wandering around didn’t foster that very well. Perhaps all converging at the final destination at a specific time. Very few showed up to the last bar, but that in itself was also a highlight at 4am! GOOD JOB! Can’t wait until the next adventure.

  2. Wow! Sounds like you and everyone there had an absolutely brilliant time! I was smiling as I was reading. Well done, Jeff, for putting such a great event together in the first place. Might there be a chance for photos and more ‘extensive’ reviews from some of the lucky folks who were also there, eating, drinking, enjoying and karaoke-ing to Beatles songs? Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

  3. Where can I find the oblea lady?

  4. I believe the oblea lady is on the northwest corner of 82nd street. she is there during the day mostly. but i think she’s seldomly there at night.

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