Posted by: Orlick | July 10, 2010

Beky Bakery Raises the Cemita Bar – Corona, 103rd St

bekys cemita

The cemita’s been tough lately. After my initial euphoric discovery phase of this massive sandwich, the secondary greatness high has been elusive. I topped out at Mi Buella Puebla’s version, but as seen in friend Sara’s Serious Eats survey, it’s trouble getting a complete sandwich. She inspired me to get my butt in gear and find the cemita that Queens is capable of. There are so many undiscovered places of Mexican origin in Corona, there must be a cemita that will rise to the top that’s not in the underground-popular consciousness.

In other instances, most of the elements of the sandwich are there or potentially there, but the main problem with trucks and restaurants alike has been stale, insipid bread. It’s possible this sesame-style egg roll doesn’t have the capability to get luscious, but I don’t want to believe that. I don’t want to believe that it will take a different style roll to take it over the top.


Beky’s is a full service bakery with a kitchen added to it. They have an interesting menu with azadura (offal) and cochinita (slow roasted pork) tacos, and their al pastor has pineapple. I respect that. I came to Beky’s for two reasons. One that it’s a bakery. A bakery should be a near guarantee for a good roll. The other reason is that the last time I went here, I fell in love with my al pastor taco. I am counting on that taco being just the wick of the comida M80.

It worked.

bekys cemita (5)

The cemita: Bean spread, potent chipotle layer, big layer of papalo herb, avocado slices, ham slice, Oaxaca cheese, milanesa de res (fried beef cutlet) inside a griddled sesame seed bun.

The griddled bottom of the bun is a new addition. An obvious one though. Whenever I make a sandwich, I always give it some conduction of heat. It makes the bread a little more lip-smacking. This sandwich was one of the most complete I’ve had, in the same echelon as Mi Buella Puebla. For $7.50, it was also the most expensive – I say if you are going to do a cemita, do it right.

In regards to the search, I’m not done, but the bar has been raised.

Beky Corona

Beky Bakery and Coffee Shop
3738 103rd St
Corona NY 11368

What is a Cemita?
Sara on Serious Eats Searches for a Cemita in Queens
Cabrito’s Cemita looks great – though $12
I want something like this.



  1. I’m mad jealous, Jeff. After reading this and seeing the photos, I want a cemita – RIGHT NOW! Chance’d be a fine thing here in Ireland, though, for that to happen. I doubt even anywhere in the Big Smoke that is Dublin would have such a delight to the eyes and tastebuds.

    If I give you my address, wouldya post me one via FedEx? I don’t care if it’s not as warm or fresh as when you first order it for me – I’ll pop it into the microwave for a minute, and then it’ll be mine…all mine!

    YUM! Thanks for sharing (but I’m still mad jealous)

  2. Yes.

  3. I’ve had a few killer cemitas at Tacos Xochimilco in Sunset Park. Though, being an LA native, I feel I’ll be forever disappointed by NYC’s Mexican offerings. Mucha suerte en sus viajes!

  4. […] rarely satisfactory, is the sesame seed egg roll. My latest inclinations have been pointing towards bakeries as a likely source for greatness. Also obvious is the subject of the sandwich like beef or chicken cutlet and […]

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