Posted by: Orlick | June 19, 2010

Jackson Heights Restaurant Week Recommendations

There’s a lot of restaurants participating in JH Restaurant Week, but a few are going beyond the expected and giving some great specials. Also, these are some of the places I’m most intrigued with.

Restaurant Week goes from June 20th – June 26th

La Gran Uruguaya Bakery (85-06 37th Avenue)
Empanadas (2), soda or coffee, & dessert…$6
Every time I go in here, my eyes light up. Great price and you gotta check this place out. Lots of shiny baked goods. Today I went and promised myself I’d try their egg tart soon.

Café La Nueva (85-02 37th Ave.)
Empanada or pasta salad, entrée, & glass of wine…$20
This place seems awesome. Seems steakhouse-esque. You know they gotta do their steaks well.

Natives Restaurant (82-22 Northern Blvd.)
Picada for 2 w/ a glass of wine…$15
I’ve never been here, but this sounds like a good deal.

And the Tibetan/momo places:
Shangri-La Express Dumpling & Curry House (72-24 Roosevelt Ave.)

Dinner for two…$10 (what could this be? I love mystery.)
Momo & butter tea or cold drink…$6

Elm Café (74-32 Broadway)
Chicken momo (8) & Thai iced tea…$5
These are very different momos. I’m not even sure why Elm calls them momos, they are more like chicken and ginger dumplings. They are very good though.

See the rest of the specials at the June in Jackson Heights website

Louie from Louie’s Pizzeria is back and changed his specials. There are 4 specials now, but what he really got me intrigued about was his Ribeye steak dinner with 2 slices and a drink for $20.


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