Posted by: Orlick | May 25, 2010

No. 28 and Saluggi’s – Lower Manhattan Pizza Trip

No. 28 has been elited among a few highly respected pizza fanatics in my circle, so without automatically putting it on the tour, I had to check it out. 3 of us split an 18″ Roman style (rectangular) San Daniele pie, which is topped with San Daniele prosciutto, arugula, mozzarella and tomato sauce. It was more than enough, sparking the wonder of how many could eat their larger 29 incher. And while I’m at it, would it be possible for one person to finish it alone? But let’s not talk about feats of stomach, this is good pizza. We’re disrespecting the environment altogether.

But first, the Roman thing… I question if I get the same effect as a circle pie. Does it cook the same? and what repurcussions does it have when applied to the mouth? I reach the crust too soon and it seems a bit unsettling to me. The lips are different on the crust, but I am having trouble deciphering the exact results the square makes. This needs to be fleshed out more…

no 28 (2)

No. 28, 28 Carmine Street

No. 28 stood out for the sauce and cheese. The 1/8th-inch crust isn’t as upper echelon, but it does the job as a way to keep your hands dry. Also, it absorbs the ingredients nicely, letting them take center stage. I fully respect this oven, the staff and it completely met my expectations.

no 28 (5)
no 28
no 28 (4)
no 28 (9)

On the way to our second stop, we passed by Numero 28, another of 3 locations from the company of No. 28. Just a peek in told us that this was a sellout, playing to the blank tongued SoHo tourists. The pizza there was an eighth the quality and appeal of the original. It looked like school pizza, made on 12×12 sheets. Interestingly enough, this location busier. Just goes to show you…. something. So remember, If you ever go to Number 28, make sure the number 28 is in the address. Otherwise, you’re fooling yourself. And encouraging them to continue this charade.

About Saluggi’s: They opened 2 years ago and created a great slice. You can taste 4 ingredients distinctively: the basil, the fresh mozzarella, the smooth tomato sauce mixed with olive oil, and the parmesan. The crust is hearty, crunchy and the cheese is slightly salty, thick, gooey and spread generously. This is definitely not a dainty slice, and for $3 it’s a good choice for the area. I would prefer this 10x over Joe’s on Carmine, which I still don’t understand its legend.

There’s a brief menu to go along with a brief dining room, but I would consider coming back here to split a pie and a few pastas with a large group of friends. I’m sure they do it good. Sloppy and satisfying – they’ve got the chops.

Saluggi’s, 325 Church St (between Canal St & Lispenard St)

saluggis (4)
saluggis (2)
saluggis (5)



  1. Agreed on Joe’s. A fair slice, for sure, but not top-tier IMO. I was really disappointed in John’s, around the corner, as well.

    When you make it to Sal and Carmine, make sure to ask for your slice extra crispy!

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