Posted by: Orlick | May 21, 2010

Judy Ruminates: Queens… A Taste of the World 2010

Here’s Judy with her write-up of Queens… A Taste of the World. I was also there because I figured I should be present at the major food event of the year for Queens. The food was better than expected and it was packed though not to the point of being a hindrance. Some standouts for me was Mulan, Djerden, and a bacon wrapped almond at Bantry Bay – which I pass all the time riding my bicycle to Greenpoint. But my absolute favorite was White Castle. They had lots of goodies and along with their surprisingly good pulled pork, I put down two white castles. I do not regret one 3 ounce burger of my stomach real estate. That and the ginger ale. The ginger ale was excellent, I had 3rds. My only beef is the extreme amount of paper plates put in the trash. There’s got to be a better way.—Jeffrey Tastes

When a tasting event calls itself “Queens…A Taste of the World,” you may think it will showcase the vast multi-ethnic flavors of Queens – undeniably the polyglot capital of the world. I wouldn’t say that this event accomplished that, but it did reveal some excellent dishes from restaurants across the borough.

This year’s event hosted over 30 restaurants and vendors at the new Citi Field stadium. The club space inside the stadium was an ideal venue for the event. The turnout was amazing – a higher level of enthusiasm than I would imagine for such a humble borough. It’s times like these that I realize that I should never take this borough for granted.

Queens...A Taste of the World

The cornucopia of food on display simply made this foodie’s heart quiver. Each restaurant offered two or more dishes to sample, and more than one baked goods vendor offered a tower of sugary confections to contemplate.

Queens...A Taste of the World

Queens...A Taste of the World

I wonder if professional foodies have some secret game plan for how to eat through such events? If so, please share. I nibbled my way around the room, skipping dishes that looked too filling for my valuable stomach real estate. Most of the food and drinks I sampled were good, but some vendors really impressed me with their offerings. Here are some of my favorites of the night:

Bantry Bay’s bacon-wrapped almond and date appetizer (the platter on top of everything else)
Queens...A Taste of the World

Deluge’s soba noodles with seaweed topping (seen here in cups next to the utensils)
Queens...A Taste of the World

De Mole’s sea scallop ceviche
Queens...A Taste of the World

Mulan’s herb roasted chicken thigh (the dish to the right)
Queens...A Taste of the World

….and Bruce Cost’s fresh ginger ale (available in three flavors)
Queens...A Taste of the World

I ended with a smattering of desserts, but could not keep heads or tails of what I had. The sugary rush to the head may have had something to do with it. I had to do a double take when I saw this – such a creative homage to the venue.

Queens...A Taste of the World

Queens...A Taste of the World

In keeping with the spirit of the place, Mr. Met also graced us with his presence.

Queens...A Taste of the World

As an annual fundraising event for the Queens Economic Development Corporation (QEDC), this event appears to have been a success. In future tastings, it would be nice to see more representation from ethnic restaurants, particularly some variety from the wide range of Latin American and Asian countries, to better highlight the culinary diversity of our borough. —Judy Ruminates

Fresh Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost
Official Page with a list of participants


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