Posted by: Orlick | May 18, 2010

Reactions from the Queens leg of the 5-Boro Pizza Tour 2010

From the tour members:

Just a few lines to let you know that I really enjoyed the tour. The more I think about it, the more I´m convinced that Margharita Pizza was the under the radar BOMB! It was just marvelous, and probably bested Amore. This just shows how mysterious pizza is and why I find it so fascinating. Some of the other selections had fresh mozzarella, coal oven etc. yet Margharita just blew past the competition on my satisfaction meter. I was soooo ready to eat a second slice there but worried about losing my appetite for the next four rounds. I will be going back to Margharita soon, hopefully with friends. I need a few more slices there to nail down what is really making this pizza so special. In fact, I´d like to compare Amore, Margharita and Rosa Pizza (in Maspeth) on the same day. — Bob


When asked about John’s…
That place was good. If their dough was crispier I woulda loved it. But still, Johns.Oh wait, the last place we went ties with Sac’s. Their crust was good but not the other. John’s got their own style and it works perfectly. It may not be a fancy pizzeria with artisnal ingredients and coal oven, but Johns has perfected their own style of pizza and worth the distinguishment from rest of the flock — Jim
*note: Jim did not go to Margherita or Gaby’s


i learned that when large old ladies, with crisp white aprons, use their time and knowledge to make you a pizza, its going to be delicious. — Jenni


and you can read Joe’s post on the tour here: Romancing the Slice Queens Style

Johns elmhurst (3)

And here’s my wrap-up.

Thanks everyone for a great time.



  1. Still bummed to have missed it. That and Staten Island… man, now I’m hoping to settle with joining the Brooklyn tour (which, of course, is no chopped liver, but would have paled in comparison to the experience of a pizza tour of SI).

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