Posted by: Orlick | May 18, 2010

Congratulations to the Underground Queens Tip Winner!

Congratulations to Karen for winning the Underground Queens contest. She won 2 free tickets to Queens – A Taste of the World at Citifield- which takes place tonight!

Here is her entry:

My “Best find of Queens” is called Annam Brahma, a veg restaurant in jamaica founded by and run by followers of guru Sri Chinmoy. It seems a bit cultish, but they believe in lots of excercise and not over-indulging. Chinmoy has been known to do amazing physical feats of strength and he teaches meditation. there are pics of him and bits of his wisdom/quotes on the tables. i have been going there on occasion since i was in high school – very peaceful setting, very cheap healthy food, and also it makes you wonder who IS this guy? he does visit on occasion. the other diners are often marathon runners. Anyway, interesting, worth a visit.

Thanks, Karen, for the great entry. And thanks to everyone who entered. All of your suggestions will come to some use because I will do a post on each one within the year. There’s much more out there, and I anticipate another Underground contest soon. Queens!



  1. Sri Chinmoy died at least five years ago. If he visits on occasion, I’d be very impressed.

  2. yeah, I found out he died after doing some research on the place a couple of weeks ago. Seems cool anyways.

    I wonder if it’s anything like the ganesh temple.

  3. Nothing like the Ganesh Temple. The down side of this restaurant is that because it is run by Sri Chinmoy’s disciples, mostly Westerners, is that the quallity of the food varies drastically depending on who’s in the kitchen on a particular day. The place has been around since the seventies, and their clientele is a mix of Chinmoy followers and hardcore vegetarians. The food isn’t all Indian. Depending on how you hit it, it can be very good or not. The vibe is kinda seventies too.

  4. sounds very interesting. I have to check it out. Do you have any other Underground Queens tips? I bet you do

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