Posted by: Orlick | April 7, 2010

Judy Ruminates… Spot Dessert Bar- East Village

Anyone who knows me knows I rarely eat dessert. I actually had to create a new category for my site, ‘Dessert‘, for this entry. Here’s Judy gnawing with her sweet tooth… —-Jeffrey Tastes

Category: Desserts
Neighborhood: East Village
13 St. Mark’s Pl
(between 3rd Ave & Astor Pl)
Manhattan, NY 10003
(212) 677-5670

It smells like someone tossed bagfuls of sugar in the air here. Sugar so fine it stays suspended in midair. Like you’ll walk out later with sugar in your ears. That’s the kind of sweetness I’m talking about.

The place has a bunch of long tables with rugs of artificial grass concentrated underneath. No one else can see you happily swishing your feet back and forth on that thing, so have at it. When it’s crowded, you may be seated with other people at these tables. I like people. Do you like people? No worries. There’s also individual seating facing the window for when you don’t like people.

We were confronted with an unprecedented buy one get one free deal here, so we went whole hog and got six different pastries to share. Every single one was sprinkled with a generous amount of sparkly iridescent sugar. I was relieved when my friends assured me this was not the glitter you use in craft projects.


My favorite pastry was the one with persimmon on top and rice pudding on the bottom. They were all good to excellent, except the dry vanilla cupcake. (See pics for salivary gratification.) Yuzu foam, used in several of the pastries, is now my junior high crush of the week. Someone should bottle up and sell that crack. —Judy Ruminates

vanilla coconut cupcake and jackfruit cake

persimmon with rice pudding

yuzu eskimo

white miso ice cream semifreddo

soft cheesecake with mascarpone cheese, yuzu foam, and raspberries

soft cheesecake with mascarpone cheese, yuzu foam, and raspberries

NY Mag review plus slideshow
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  1. Y’know, I too never had much of an overly sweet tooth…until I got older, that is. Wonder how that happened! Anyway, these look gorgeous – especially the cheesecake and the persimmon and rice pudding combo. Emmm..I’m not going to even think about the calories, though. Besides, desserts are meant to be decadent and gorgeous and high-caloried to fully enjoy the experience, right!

    Thanks for sharing the experience. Wish I could go there right now and experience it for myself.

  2. These all look amazing and very original. I’ve been thinking about trying this place and now I know I’ll get there. Thanks for the delicious write-up.

  3. Awww, thanks for the kind words! Definitely check this place out.

  4. FYI- Spot has a 3 dessert tapas deal for $19. It’s plenty and great for sharing. Such a cute place for catching up with friends. Good enough for dates too.

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