Posted by: Orlick | March 25, 2010

Roast Beef Hero wins my Munch Madness bracket

Munch Madness is great if you are going on a long car ride. If you love to eat, the debates can last hours. Take a break from the computer, the tv, and the radio and have some dialogue about something that really matters… What do I want to eat?

Munch Madness page

Surprisingly, pizza did not go far in my brackets, I guess I love juicy meat always. In the end, it was my young adult favorite, an extremely moist (it must have been brined), fried chicken glistening in sun’s rays (something like Buff Patti’s on Myrtle in Clinton Hill) against my own roast beef sandwich, where I cut up the roast beef a bit, put it in the pot with some oil, add a bit of water to give it some juices, stir it around, half the hero bread (semolina is good, or any good fluffy bread) and lay it on top in order to warm it and absorb the beef steam, then lay it down with a generous helping of mayo, empty pot contents onto bread, shave some cheddar cheese or whatever is leftover, and close hero. This hero can be found in the background of my Ironbeer exploration pictures.

Click to see full brackets

whew! it was a tough tournament. Roast Beef Hero, you deserved it.



  1. Interesting. At heart, you’re really a comfort food guy. But then, who isn’t?

  2. taunting me with that sandwich, again! made me salivate the first time i spotted it in your beer post.

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