Posted by: Orlick | March 3, 2010

Judy Ruminates… Sake Bar Hagi – Japanese, Manhattan

Here’s Judy Ruminates again with a review of the 49th St sake bar Sake Bar Hagi. As I was doing some link research, I kept seeing more and more reviews of this place. Then I realized it was visited by Anthony Bourdain and now it all makes sense. Also, it’s underground so of course it’s cool. No, seriously, I love places that aren’t on street level. So no one gets confused, I’m gonna do intros like this whenever I have another writer on this site. There will be a lot more to come with the Ambassador Program. Enjoy. — Jeffrey Tastes


Sake Bar Hagi
Category: Japanese
Neighborhood: Theater District
152 W 49th St
(between 7th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 764-8549

This is a good place to get wasted on sake. I’m not speaking for myself….nooooo….I’m speaking to all you other folks who can get past half a drink without getting boozy. They make it easy here – a picture book with pages of beautiful bottles of sake. If you don’t know your sake from your thumb, just choose the prettiest bottle. Then when you’ve finished that, choose the second prettiest. Make a game of it.

The izakaya food is decent, not amazing – chicken meatballs, duck, and chicken skin were good, eggplant wasn’t. It’s cheap, so they get points for that. I came here more for the okonomiyaki, which is Japanese pancake. Rumored to be very good here, and it was…definitely good. Great even. The bonito flakes on the pancake danced like little sea monkeys as the heat sizzled through them. I hardly ever get food that entertains, so I did, in fact, watch the show intently until the flakes came to a standstill. This took five minutes as an exasperated Hubby watched me watching the pancake. The bright yellow mayo provided on the side capped the experience. Slather it on your pancake and close your eyes as you bite in. Magic! — Judy Ruminates

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Gobo Chips at Hagi from Serious Eats
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