Posted by: Orlick | February 18, 2010

Dumpling Cafe – Bushwick/East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Dumpling Cafe
Category: Chinese dumplings
Neighborhood: East Williamsburg
861 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 302-8888

It feels like a factory in here. I feel like I’m intruding. The door to the prep area doesn’t seem to exist, and once I start toeing the seemingly imaginary line between employee and customer space, I’m itching the need to start walking around their white dusted floor. I want to operate their giant mixer or start tossing some 40 lb bags of flour.

This bare-bones dumpling shop has been calling me for a year. Riding past, I’ve spotted some classic tells of real food, or at the very least, adventure. It’s east of Bushwick ave which becomes more and more industrial as you go further down. Another tell is that I have no idea why anyone would walk in. It almost seems preposterous because it is so out of the way. I was thinking that it might be a secondary kitchen to a larger Manhattan restaurant, but my google search for the name on the van parked outside only gives me cosmetics & perfume retail.

Inside on the counter, there is an interesting sheet of paper, aka a menu, with, among other things, 8 varieties of dumplings, gourmet tea, pork cabbage bun and a lunch combo with it’s unspecified 3 items over rice. It’s hard to imagine stopping their back room assembly line in order for them to make House Special #4, Minced Pork with Bean Paste over Noodles. I get the feeling that their hot menu is just a solution to a legal dilemma.

The frozen foods are surprisingly cheap in comparison to the hot ones. It was enticing. Why shouldn’t I get 30 froze for the price of 12 hot? I only live 20 minutes away, I can see my steamer now…

My Pan Fried Dumplings were deep fried too much, but still had a glimmer of goodness in their thick shells and moist insides.

If nothing else, the dumplings are made fresh. But then again, what dumpling shop wouldn’t make them so? In comparison to crappy Chinese, this is superior I guess…

Menu hot
Menu frozen


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