Posted by: Orlick | January 13, 2010

El Paso Restaurant – Woodside Mexican

El Paso Restaurant
Category: Mexican
Neighborhood: Woodside
6406 Roosevelt Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377
(718) 672-9869

If you want to eat well, you’ve got to choose sides. It’s not feasible to eat at every Mexican restaurant along Roosevelt Ave. It would take 6 months of devotion to try them all thoroughly. That’s why I am recommending something I myself as an eater have trouble with: Staying Loyal. It’s a great feeling to walk into a non-English place and the waitresses smile at you and the cooks fist bump you. Such a warmth not over the weather, but the food. To become a regular in a place where they know you are breaking barriers to eat their stuff gives you automatic respect in their minds. Let them know your face. Only then will you be more likely to get the real thing and items not on the menu your mouth might appreciate. If you want to truly learn a cuisine, you’ve got to go deep into one restaurant’s menu – not broadly across many.

El Paso stands out for their steam tables. Watch their stews, the thick liquids permeating chicken and pork, potatoes and corn, becoming softer and stronger. There are usually 6 baskets over hot water, under heat lamps, waiting for your finger point. I’ve never been anything less than ultimately satisfied with a meal here. Homemade tortillas and even chips and sweet salsa as you wait to take-out.

El Paso Specials Board

Coatzingo is the generally-accepted foodie-and/or-2-plus-generation-American Mexican restaurant to visit, and I do agree that their specials make them stand out, but for great Mexican home cooking, El Paso should not be overlooked. If it’s your neighborhood, save a mile and check them out. There are others around this area, and they might have greatness in them as well – but whatever you do, choose your restaurant, make a commitment and don’t forget to smile.



  1. […] will also clear out your cold. Get it at Taqueria Coatzingo (7605 Roosevelt Ave, 4018 82nd St) or El Paso (6406 Roosevelt Ave)(has been closed […]

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