Posted by: Orlick | January 8, 2010

2010 Food Group set – It’s Both

As some of you surmised by my ambiguity of this month’s voting process, this very special food group will be held at BOTH Louie’s Pizzeria and Shangrila Express on SATURDAY, January 16th.

Louie’s will be at 6:15pm – 81-34 Baxter Ave., Elmhurst
followed by ShangriLa Express at 7:30pm – 72-24 Roosevelt Ave., Jackson Heights

The Louie’s dinner WILL overlap ShangriLalala.

Just a reminder, SLE is a new store with a yellow overhang next to Himalayan Yak, across the street from Rice Ave. This is NOT the one in Little India.

I made it a two in one food group for two reasons. One being they are both small places. Two that these can be polarizing. So pick whatever sounds best for you and everything should work out.

For those of you who want to do both, it will be an abbreviated session at Louie’s, then we will walk to Shangri-La. I expect only a handful will do both though. So choose your side and we’ll see you there. This should be fun!



  1. Beautiful! I’ve got work at Union Square until 5, but I will do my best to take a train straight up and join the group :]

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