Posted by: Orlick | January 5, 2010

Finally I have some competition!

For the past few months, my friends and I have marveled at how there are no other blogs dedicated to Queens like Jeffrey Tastes. I mean, this is the cultural mecca of the eastern seaboard. There is so much along Roosevelt Ave, so many great things to discover, we need 10 blogs to cover everything. My interest is constantly renewed and my friends and I have such a passion for living here.

I even moved here entirely for the food. Plus, there are so many writers in Manhattan and even Brooklyn. It’s not like there aren’t web savvy people here. The Foodista blogs, but she’s more Astoria and not as street, not as relevant to me. I love Azriha Eats, but his is a Xanga site and I think he’s traveling the globe now. There HAS to be a Flushing blog in Korean or Chinese, but I haven’t found that holy grail yet.

But now that’s all changed. Finally, I have come competition, and it’s come from who I thought were my friends, Edible Queens. The blog is called World’s Fare and it’s run by Queens’ own Joe DiStefano. Edible Queens is the 2-issue old magazine dedicated to eating in our borough, which has my complete support.

They started just before the new year and already reported on Bagel Oasis in ghetto meadows, chinese style roast chestnuts in Flushing, Shangri-La Express, and a shrimp ceviche in Rego Park that foments desire.

Frankly, I’m excited. Queens is a big borough and whatever brings more attention and exposes me to more great places to eat and find, I am all for. Bring it!

World’s Fare Blog



  1. hey, I did my best while I was around! Joe is the man though, he knows his stuff

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