Posted by: Orlick | December 14, 2009

Don Juan Pupuseria II – Huntington Station Salvadoran

Don Juan Pupuseria II
Category: Latin American, Salvadoran
214 Depot Rd
Huntington Station, NY 11746
(631) 670-6040

Definitely needs further investigation, this has potential. Only the menus and online directorys say Don Jaun, you can see in the pictures what the awning says.

One of the cleanest, welcoming, airy dining rooms of a pupuseria I’ve been in. This is what makes it stand out. This is what makes it friendly to the finicky. Some of the ladies speak no English, but others are fluent as you and me.

The food is very good when it’s fresh and the staff is always pleasant. I had some sort of relleno (it was a type of potato maybe with fried egg on top and cheese(?) in the middle, it was a water heavy material inside so maybe it wasn’t potato, probably yuca) and chicharones (my fav, I can’t resist). The rice and beans only got better towards the end. I keep promising myself I will save money by only having half a portion over two days, but nooooo, I just can’t stop!

This Salvadoran restaurant seem to specialize in pupusas and boasts an impressive menu based in Central American cuisine. I love having to look up things I don’t know – what the heck is loroco?? or Deshilada? There is a supple drink selection, they make their own and have all your favorites – except coca cola mexicano! Too bad.

The menu is 100 percent Spanish and I love it. My limited Spanish skills helped a lot. Coming back would make me better.

Now check this out…

Pan con pollo. Translation: Bread with chicken. Doesn’t sound like much, right? I first discovered this at Cardiolo’s Pupuseria a mile away on New York Ave. The lady was piling on massive ingredients onto a hero and I said “What is that?!” I thought it may have been their special, but I am happy to realize that it is a Salvadoran thing. These sandwiches are monsters. Bahn mi?? Who gives a fuck? These should be masters of the universe. I believe their anonymity might be due to the concentration of Salvadorans in Suffolk and not NYC. And also because I don’t have the clout I’d like to, yet.

Deshilada is Shredded Beef

Example of a Salvadoran menu with translations


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