Posted by: Orlick | December 12, 2009

I love this article – 5-Boro Pizza Tour Revisited

Revisiting this summer’s 5-Boro Pizza Tour, I wanted to shoutout some articles about the experience.

From Grubstreet

…a pizza club of sorts, 40 strong and operating under the name 5 Boro Pizza Tour, sampled offerings at 26 pizzerias. What’s not surprising is that they tell the Daily News their favorite was Salvatore’s of Soho in Staten Island (we too are fans of its Lombardi’s-style pies and its outdoor seats). What is surprising is that they chose an undersung spot, L’asso, as the best in lower Manhattan. Of course, the leader of the troop is said to be a graphic designer, and L’asso is something of an art-kid hangout. But that shouldn’t take away from their victory. Other picks include: John’s Pizzeria in Elmhurst, Mario’s Restaurant in Belmont, and (another surprise pick over the likes of Lucali and Di Fara) Luigi’s Pizza in Windsor Terrace.

Read (a bit) more: Pizza Tourists Pick Unlikely Favorites — Grub Street New York

I love this article on the Daily News article. This meta-article. As for best in the city, ha, it’s a futile argument to say which is the “Best”. The reporter from the Daily News reaaaallly wanted me to name bests, so I gave these choices.

Salvatore of Soho is where we revisited to have the celebratory dinner for the tour. We could have chosen any pizzeria in the city to come back to and we chose this one, so that should tell you something. That being said, I am very happy with those choices for best in each borough. Try pies from any one of them and you are likely to fall in love.

my reply to grubstreet:
L’asso…. This pizza is excellent. Don’t judge me for my career, I was turned off at first by all the hipster paraphernalia and nonchalant order taking… But wow, their pizza is in the ultimate top-tier. I believe they came at an unfortunate time in pizzeria history. They opened about 3 years ago, not old enough to be legendary, not new enough to be considered amongst the new batch of fresh pizzerias. I don’t care about that stuff, It deserves the commendation from the article.

I’ve been to Lucali and Di Fara many times. I think they are both top tier pies. They were taken into consideration and they didn’t make it into our tour.

Thank you for taking notice.
graphic designer in question

And another thing:
Don’t call me skinny, Fatass!

I was referred to as a “skinny graphic artist” in the Daily News article – Well, I don’t like that term! It connotes being unhealthy and inept. I am not skinny, I am fit. I am thin, I am slender. I can eat you under the table and then metabolize like a demon. Don’t put me down for my genes. If I was large, I would never be referred to publicly as Fat. I’m looking forward to the day when we can judge one another not by the size of one’s midsection but by the content of their stomach. I have a dream today.

other articles:
Daily News article
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I have a Dream speech


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