Posted by: Orlick | November 25, 2009

Common Roosevelt Ave Street Food Translations

Here are some common translations seen on food carts:
( If you know the translations better, send me some comments!)

As seen on Pique y pase el pepin
Seco de Chivo -braised goat stew
Seco de pollo – chicken stew
Carne Guisada – beef stew
Papas con Cuero – gonna guess this is potatoes w/pork skin
Lengua Guisada – stewed tongue
Ceviche de camaron – shrimp ceviche
Carne asada – grilled steak

hornado – roast pork
Fritada – fried pork
Guatita – beef tripe stew
Papas con cuero – Potatoes with pork skin
lengua guisada – stewed beef tongue
encebollado de pescado – tuna soup
caldo de bagre – Catfish Soup
mixtos – probably mixed seafood ceviche
banderas— NOT exactly sure. it translates to Flags. Probably means a combination of tamales, humitas and morcillas? which is tamale, sweet tamale and blood sausage – which Could represent a flag of some sort.

from La Costinita
Corvina Frita – Fried Fish Fillet
arroz menesttra – possibly rice with stewed beans
empenadas de verde (green) – of plaintains
de queso – cheese
pan de casa – house bread? whatever bread they have possibly.

llapingachos – yellowing thick pancakes. Similar to arepas.
Churros – Surprisingly similar to what you see in the mall. Fried and sugared dough, ridged and cut into over foot long pieces. You may even see them freshly prepared at some carts in the 80s or 90s.
Chuzos – Chuzo means Pike in Spanish. These are skewers with meat on them.
Concha de Negra – Black Clam ceviche
Agua de coco – Sugary coconut water
Humitas – Similar to tamales – corn meal wrapped in banana leaves. can be salty or sweet.
Elotes – Roasted corn on the cob with sprinkled cheese and all that good stuff on it.
morocho – creamy, hot corn based drink
Many of these translations come courtesy of Chowhound’s outer boroughs

Here are some more street menus. I will post all translations after the crawl (sorry!), but until then, you can use this great site I just found, you just type in the dish in quotes and wallah.


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