Posted by: Orlick | November 23, 2009

December Food Group – What Gives?

December’s Food Group will take place on
Sunday, December 13th at 5pm
at U Dzika, 86-14 37th Ave, 347-750-9318 (next to Tomo)

U Dzika is the new, highly anticipated Polish deli/restaurant in the neighborhood. From what I’ve experienced first-hand and the stories of customers, it’s legit. The owners are passionate and seem to have some integrity with everything they prepare. The menu will be decided basically on the chef’s digression again, and I expect a great homestyle showing from her. I am especially excited to have some of their stuffed cabbage, which looks exactly like my grandma’s which I was too young to appreciate at the time.


And one more thing!
There is a lot of potential to improve the neighborhood and it’s time to make things happen. Forget ’tis the season It’s Cold! This December, we are adding an element to the Food Group.

This month, we will be collecting for the group that is fed by Jorge Munoz of . For those of you who don’t know, Jorge feeds day laborers in the community every night on Roosevelt and 73rd Street under the train tracks. I’m asking you to bring something warm for them.

They need:
Coats and Jackets
Packs of new socks

If you don’t have jackets or blankets to give away, there is a sock dealer on Roosevelt east of 82nd Street. Packs of 3 are $1.

Yes, it is the season for giving, but this will very likely become a regular thing with the group. I’m not into “feel good” events, I only want to make real changes, improvements and fill needs in our neighborhood. Unless there is a specific thing to buy, we won’t deal in exchanging money for a cause. I feel this is an important way we can help the community, and I would be proud to contribute like this. We have a large group and now we can be effective on making solutions for our neighborhood.

In addition to December’s warmth drive, I’m asking you to look for problems where we live. If you know of any problems in our neighborhood that can be better solved with a group of 20 than just yourself, let me know so we can try to find a solution.

An Angel in Queens
U Dzika photo set
JHLife discussion on U Dzika


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