Posted by: Orlick | November 10, 2009

Announcing: The Roosevelt Avenue Taco Cart Crawl

The Roosevelt Avenue Taco Cart Crawl

This has always been a dream of mine: A group of eaters doing the walk down Roosevelt visiting all of the street vendors along the way.
When? Sunday, Nov 29th at 1pm (Rain date, the Spring)
Where does it start? Outside of the Roosevelt Ave/Jackson Heights station*. Take the EFGRV7 train to get there. We will meet eating tacos on the wall in front of the vendors at 74th St. There are 2 or 3 on the same side as the subway building and one across the street that has an alternate menu. Pick something up and meet on the wall.
Where does it end? 111th st*
How much will we eat? a ton.
Is it all tacos? Noooo way! that’s boring! There’s ceviche, guatemalan plates, ecuadorian entrees, cemitas, huaraches, ears of corn, arepas, ice cream and more. If you want to get lost for a block, you can include some halal carts too.

*Extras: If you want to pregame, you can start yourself at the 61st street station and walk east. There are a few carts to see there and possibly a truck. If you want a bonus round, you can continue to Flushing for fish balls and more.

I took an exploratory tour this past weekend and the street vendor scene is ripe! Tacos yes, but I’m more excited for the Ecuadorian trucks and the excuse to have the corn on a stick and churros. About every 4 blocks there is a new vendor and there are some blocks where the choices are heaven on earth. Whitney Ave is amazing! This should be a lot of fun. This might be the greatest eating experience yet.

Send me a message if you want in. You know how we do it – no cost other than food. Rag tag group of Queensites exploring the neighborhood, learning the cultures and eating the best food in the city. Let’s have fun.

Ecuadorian Cart



  1. I do tours in Austin also for free and this looks fun. Wish I could join you! I’ll let my NYC friends know for sure 🙂

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