Posted by: Orlick | November 4, 2009

Bocca Lupo (Wolf’s Mouth) – Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Bocca Lupo
Category: Italian
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
391 Henry Street
(between Baltic St & Congress St)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 243-2522

It took 2 trips here to finally get a table. It seems to get busy on a regular basis, enough to deter a crowdaphobe like me. I would definitely recommend taking the opportunity to come here with a group of 2 or more on an off night.

The decor gets better as you sit down. As opposed to the feelings as you approach, this is a restaurant meant to sit and enjoy your meal.

We’re here for the food right? So let’s get down to it. Italian tasting dishes, each not a bad size, about right for $7-$10. The quality of the food was excellent and the preparation was good enough to be solid.

I could do without the pesto pasta and surprisingly enough…Formaggi the meat plate. After the cheese plate, the meats just could not share the same table. I’m turning into a huge cheese mark, and these cheeses really brought out all sorts of emotions like a good cheese plate should.

Imported tuna, fennel and olive salad defied any descriptions you could place to it. While at first it wasn’t too special, at second thought it could definitely stand on its own terms as a great, fresh tasting dish. Kudos.

Marinated white anchovies with carrot fennel salad – It had 2 polarizing tastes that together made something great. There was the sweetness of the carrot salad mixed with the salty, sourness of the sardines. Yeahhh, thank you! Roast pork loin was cooked so graciously, it unconditionally hit the spot at our table. Soft soft pork slices, hit with a peppery rub, oohhhhhh…

The tables should be bigger to fit the amount of food that will satisfy you. The food comes out quickly, so for table real estate and palate satisfaction, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to order by the moment: progressive order style.

Everything on the menu is has become a turn-on, I trust that kitchen to throw anything at me; I will happily sit with my fork and dine.

Bocca Lupo on Flickr (not the restaurant, just a guy. But really nice pictures!)
NY Mag on BL – with a slideshow of an empty restaurant
Time Out Kids review
On A Brooklyn Life


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