Posted by: Orlick | October 29, 2009

Queens Crossing – Flushing, Queens

Queens Crossing
Category: Shopping Centers
Neighborhood: Downtown Flushing
38-21 Main St
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 888-1234

There’s no one mishmosh of Flushing anymore. We are drawing lines here. Queens Crossing is caters to the new wealth of Flushing. Flushing Mall is now just a mall.

The stores are offering products in art form. Genius is encouraged in designs throughout. This clearly wasn’t meant for me, as I am more into naturally occurring creativity than that which is created in a lab. My friend was excited they had a Mango store if that means anything to you. I’m sure this is a great place to take your girlfriend.

The eateries for the proletarians are crap mall food, but Ohhh they are not pandering to them… There is a Hong Kong style tea room, offering to treat you like last century’s “English Nobility”. I passed by and was like ‘hmmm’ – not that I would ever care to go in, but still – ‘hmmm.’

The restaurants look vast and impressive. Korean-Japanese Ah Ree Soo smelled great, and the catering hall facility was plainly meant to stun. It looks like they are prepared to treat the Asian upper-class well.

The layout is intricate or confusing – however you want to spin it. It’s not a typical mall where stores are lined up next to each other; here they are fitted around each other. Maps helped me only marginally, but curiosity helped me more by wondering What’s around that corridor?

Queens Crossing on


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