Posted by: Orlick | October 28, 2009

Himawari – Long Beach, NY Sushi

Category: Sushi Bars
116 E Park Ave
Long Beach, NY 11561
(516) 431-4768
Official Website

When I went, they had 1 dollar nigiri sushi from 1-3pm weekdays.. 1 dollar can’t buy ANYthing anymore, could it be true? I expected a dingy, run down, old appearance with apprentices looking to unload their leftovers. Compound that with the fact that I went on a Monday, the one day everybody’s friend Anthony Bourdain popularized as the day NOT to eat fish at a restaurant, and I assumed I was digging my own grave.

Hey, the place is pretty nice Only 3 years in business, the ceilings looked fresh, cut out with metal shutters lining the higher levels. Cool, but steering away from elegant, the dining room and kitchen full of modern touches which are hard not to appreciate.

Owner/chef Tommy seemed like a nice person, making an attempt to be a gracious host. Confident in his food, he strikes up the convo: “Is this your first time here? Ohh, you will like it.” No language barrier, Tommy is young and probably born here.

The pieces are longer than usual. Not the customary 4 fingers, more like 5 and a tail on each. I wouldn’t care for a piece of tuna again, but everything else was great, standouts include yellowtail, salmon, seared mackerel, scallop, and white tuna – yes.

The case was neat, stocked high, and meticulously clean. You can tell this is a person who cares about his product. The selections are standard; I didn’t notice any “spins”. It’s a menu kept under control.

The construction, the chef, the menu; I felt a recurring theme of youth and tradition. As the chef was making my nigiri, he became more complex – searing tuna, using the blow torch then ponzu on my mackerel… I thought to myself, “could this all be 1 dollar each??” It was, 14 pieces for 14 dollars. hmm, Pretty good deal. And good sushi. I would definitely go back – even outside the hours of 1 and 3.

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