Posted by: Orlick | October 20, 2009

Yakitori Taisho – My introduction to Izakayas – NY, NY

Yakitori Taisho
Category: Japanese
Neighborhood: East Village
5 Saint Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-5086
written early 2008

What is this new world? It’s an i-za-kay-a... It’s a Japanese pub. Is this how they party in Japan? HOly shit, I want to go to Japan.

The block is filled with them! All the bustling makes the party overflow into the streets. I feel like I can get singed just by looking at the grillers. Everything is just so gnarly. This is what punk rock means to food. It’s like J-punk food.

This is only my second, so I don’t really know how to rate these yet. If I have to grade it on the same level as anything else I’ve seen in my life, I’d have to give it top notch rating. This is THE OPTIMAL Drinking environment. This is explained by tons of crazy food, lots of sake drinks, and ichiban & sapporo beer which always goes down easy.

There is a good amount of seating at the bar and the back room can fit about 7 tables totaling 21 people. So while this IS good for groups, it is not good for many groups at the same time. The wait wasnt so bad, even though we spent 2 hours there. There appears to be a quick turnover, it took 15 minutes for 4 of us to get fit at a t2o person table.

Fried oysters were ridiculous and the squid was out of it’s own soft cranium. Okonomiyaki (pancake with a bunch of creatures in it) was okay but it took too long to eat and I wasn’t fond of the idea of batter taking the place of beer in my stomach. I don’t even know what we ordered. If I have advice for you, it is – Keep ordering! Don’t stop Don’t Stop Don’t stop!

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