Posted by: Orlick | October 19, 2009

Akari – Merrick, Long Island

Akari Japanese Restaurant
2063 Merrick Rd
Merrick, NY 11566
(516) 378-9888

Busy with a loyal, local following. I was surprised to see so many locals casually beside me at the bar.

I love the colors and sign out front. Somehow it stands out on the strip. Akari. SUSHI. The inside is slightly funky but fun and transparent. Sitting at the bar you can easily watch the motions of the chefs creating dishes. There is also a second level with larger tables up wooden steps that adds to the character of it all.


Graciously large menu, it would take 6 straight months to try everything here. Plus, for those inclined, there are around 70 rolls to choose from. Udon seems to be encouraged as many meals include a small bowl. I appreciate the daily and everyday lunch specials, but I find it a bit peculiar how they have an example under plastic wrap for public view. I guess this is a good way to make the unfamiliar familiar.

Freshness? I am not going to make a judgement yet, but this is probably not why I will come here. I doubt the regular customer is as discerning either, so I don’t think it affects business. More likely I will visit for the variety and comradery. That being said, the owner comes from a good sushi family and I never ate anything to throw my stomach, only dance on my tongue.

Official Akari Site
Great reviews on Zagat



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