Posted by: Orlick | October 18, 2009

The Belmar Pub – Binghamton, NY

The Belmar Pub
95 Main St
Binghamton, NY 13905
(607) 724-5920

If you like the Belmar, you probably won’t like downtown and vice versa. Unlike downtown, however, there is a definite dearth of other options for a similar venue in the immediate area. The result is an uncanny amount cross breeding.

That being said, the music is not great but tolerable. The drinks prices don’t always make sense but are cheap and buybacks are possible with enough good karma.

People say it’s hipsters that go there, but I don’t think so. Just misguided youths. They don’t know what a hipster is.

I don’t remember it like this when I was in school… Serious meat market. There is about a 2:1 guy to girl ratio and it seems most have gone home with most at one time or another. And if they haven’t (or even they have), by the end of the night it gets pretty desperate with guys hanging (or more accurately “begging”) by the bar waiting for their chance of one last quip for one of the pretty bartenders. Surprisingly, I’ve seen it work.

Belmar MySpace page
Belmar on Urban Dictionary
BinghamtonLive review
Belmar on Facebook


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