Posted by: Orlick | October 16, 2009

Yamashiro Sushi – Clinton Ill, Brooklyn

Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bar
466 Myrtle Ave
(between Hall St & Washington Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 230-3313

–“Hey, I saw a Japanese place on the way over here. It looks pretty cool, you want to go?”
I was attracted to the relative plainness of the signs outside. Blue and white. Big name. Dark and quiet. Looks legit.

— “Those rolls look great, I feel sorry for who was actually eating them though.”
The rolls were impressive. We sat at the bar and watched the young chefs furiously creating intricate, mostly inside-out rolls. All sorts of tempura, roe on top, avocado accented, densely filled varieties. More than a couple of times I wondered to myself: “How are they going to fit all of THAT into a roll??” Now, I am not usually one for rolls, but watching the process here sure is fun.

— “Is there a bathroom in this place? There’s gotta be, hold on…” —
Maybe I am spoiled, but there were no hand towels at the beginning or end. For the clean conscious like me, with no visible bathroom in their box dining room, this is a bit disconcerting.

— And I said, “Not bad .”
Portions seem fair to me. Prices are reasonable.

— “They sure do cut a lot of fish here.” —
Definitely a high volume place, so it seems everything should be fresh, though I wouldn’t count on it being supreme cuts of fish – and why would it be? Frankly, I don’t believe the patrons to be too discerning of their quality of fish.

— “That was okay.” -*
I wouldn’t travel across boroughs or even neighborhoods for Yamashiro, but it’s agreeable if you are in the area with a few friends.

Par reviews from yelp
Menu and Order online


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