Posted by: Orlick | October 5, 2009

B-Mets – Nothing better than baseball in Binghamton

NYSEG Stadium – Binghamton Mets
Category: Amateur Sports Teams
211 Henry St
Binghamton, NY 13901
(607) 723-6387
BMets on Twitter

What a great time I had!

To start off, 4 dollar tickets for students, 8 dollars for regulars…. What a joke! Plus they have 2 for 1 specials all the time.

I never did this when I went to school there. I wish I had. It’s good, clean fun; you become a true member of the community here. Everything is so close. There are seat numbers, but I believe you can just sit wherever you want.

1 dollar hot dogs. I believe they are Ballpark franks – a little porky and very addicting. I had 7. My friend had 5 plus a jumbo; he was mad b/c I took the extraneous bread off my buns. He says he won b/c a jumbo is the equivalent of 3 dogs (yeah right). I don’t care, I am happy with what I accomplished. I could have definitely done double digits – it’s so easy!

As far as local food, they have a Lupo’s stand. Lupo’s is a Binghamton spiedie shop. Spiedies are a regional dish of marinated chunks of chicken (possibly at one time skewered) on a roll. They also sell buttered potatoes and corn on their own cobs.

At the concession area, you can sit at tables with only a fence separating you from the field. To me, this was wild to be so close to the action. It’s also good if you are a smoker or if you (like me) like to be close to the food stands and the grass and don’t care about the score other than the BMets winning.

Of course it’s kids-friendly, they even have a games section which gets more and more crowded as the game goes on. Some of the bigger kids like me and my friends can even partake in the radar gun baseball throwing competition. And if you can guess your speed within a few MPH, you win a prize. I can’t believe I can only throw 10 mph faster than I could when I was 13.

And so what if I don’t know players names? It’s a great day at the ballpark, whether or not you like sports. And for 4-8 dollars, it’s a no-pressure, guaranteed hit. Look at me, I am now a fan of the minor leagues. Bring on the SI Yanks! Lemme see the Coney Island Cyclones!

Wikipedia Spiedie
Spiedie thread on
The Atlas of Popular Culture in the Northeastern United States
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  1. Mets in Binghamton? What’s going on here??

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