Posted by: Orlick | September 10, 2009

Robata – Plainview, Long Island

Robata of Tokyo
Category: Sushi Bars
1163 Old Country Rd
Plainview, NY 11803
(516) 433-5333

The same sushi chef/owner from Kohaku in Huntington, and brother of Akari in Merrick. Tokyo is a great land to bring this family of chefs to Long Island.

I hear a lot of good things about their non-sushi items. I have only had their udon take-out. I am still not able to compare it against others like I can a hamburger, but I will say that it was satisfying with lots of fun stuff in there!

Something of note is the amount of sushi rolls. Ridiculous. It’s like they took an entire stack of children’s colored paper, came up with one roll for every sheet, then put it up on the wall. Sometimes getting stupid with it. How many combinations can you come up with with 20 or so ingredients? A lot I guess…. math… It seems to be the owner’s signature – the wall of colored paper, although here it is less apparent than Kohaku.


Here is a real sushi chef. No punk kids behind the bar. This chef has some years behind him. I usually have trouble understanding the ichiban, but with Ken I understand everything I’m served.

No need for added wasabi, he puts a good amount that works on each. Isn’t this how sushi is suppposed to be done? For some reason I don’t recall it happening in many other places. I appreciate it, chef. Thank you, chef – see you on Thursdays and Friday afternoons, on other days, I’ll meet you at Kohaku.


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