Posted by: Orlick | September 1, 2009

September Food Group – The Biggest Loser

The September Food Group will be the Pick of the Litter. Since October, when we’ve been mostly democratically choosing our destinations, quite a few spots were narrowly defeated. Rather than being cast into the bowels of East Elmhurst, I am bringing them back to be chosen from for the month of September.

As a permanent change to the process, I will be giving the date when I give the choices. That way you will know in advance whether or not you can make it, to take into consideration when voting. As usual, you can discuss it on with other locals.

So, the choices are as follows:
Chivito De Oro (Uruguayan) 8402 37th Ave
El Sitio (Cuban) – 6828 Roosevelt Ave
Boon Chu Thai
Spicy Mina
Argentine – La Fusta o La Portena
Trieste for Queens Italian
Haewoondae – Korean BBQ on Bway
Bhim Cafe – new himalayan joint.
The Arepa Lady (saturday night)
Donovan’s Pub

The Date: Sunday, Sept 20th (subject to change for extraordinary circumstances)


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